The purpose of new build scaffolding is to provide access for construction companies and trade workers to complete the properties in a logical and straight forward manner. For us, this means delivering external and internal scaffolding at the appropriate points in the project. Outside, we create progressive scaffolding to allow bricklayers to construct each tier of the building and contractors to build roofs. Inside, we provide edge protection crash decks and birdcage scaffolding to facilitate internal work such as the installation of floor joists and plastering of walls.

Because of the amount of materials involved, our new build scaffolding usually involves the construction of lift heights between 1.5 and 1.8 metres. We provide comprehensive work platforms at the required levels and a blocking lift scaffold if required up to roof level to complete any truss and tiling work.

Where the property walls need to be rendered, we change the lift heights after the external work is complete. We adapt the framework to 2 metre lifts that are fully boarded and include edge protection handrails and ladder access. This ensures that the rendering can be undertaken quickly, efficiently and safely.

On larger sites, it͛s usually important that our scaffolders are on hand to adapt the scaffold structures as the construction of each property progresses. It͛s normal for various plots to be at different stages of development so that contractors can move from building to building and make the workflow smooth. We often find that our scaffolders need to be adaptable on larger housing developments because there are so many tasks being undertaken on the plots at the same time. They have to react when they are asked to add, change or remove scaffolding as any delay costs time and money.

When it comes to internal work, it͛s essential that we are able to deliver flexible scaffolding frameworks. Trade workers need access to ceilings, stairwells and the tops of walls to plaster and decorate and we have to devise a structure that will allow them to move easily across the width or length of the room in question. We generally use the same lift heights as those on the external scaffolding but often need to be careful where work is being carried out on the staircase.

Both inside and out, it͛s common for workers to need loading bays where they can stack materials such as bricks, tiles and cement out of harm͛s way. We definitely don͛t want a situation where workers are being impeded by pallets or packs or tripping over carelessly stored materials. We provide these as part of the scaffolding structure, ensuring that they are large enough to hold the loads required. This means that contractors can access what they need at the time they need it to get the job done.

A normal loading bay that is 4 metres long and 1.5 metres wide, constructed using NASAC guidelines, can take a safe working load of up to 3kn per square metre. That allows an overall loading bay capacity of 18kn. Where cladding or rendering work is involved, we can install steel beams at floor level with an ͚up and over͛ gate to give access to the loading bay area via a forklift without affecting the working platform levels.

On very large projects, it may be necessary to use a tower crane to load the materials needed into a number of loading bays. In those circumstances, it͛s essential that the bays are joined together and staggered across the building, with edge protection incorporated on all sides. As the crane will only load from above, there is no need for gates to be installed but safety is a major concern because of the weight of the materials and the use of a crane on site. We play our part in this by designing storage solutions that will withstand their loads and enable workers to retrieve the materials that they want.

There are a lot of demands on new build projects, especially on housing estate developments. Whether you are a novice self-builder or a high-profile construction company, UK Scaffolders is able to provide guidance on which scaffolding services will work best to keep the build moving along on schedule. Fullscreen Comment on text

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