to excellence in scaffolding


to excellence in scaffolding


MCES Scaffolding Services is Ireland’s leading scaffolding services provider.
We pride ourselves on striving for excellence in every single scaffolding application we work on.
We use a unique multi-product approach, ensuring our customers an optimised solution.

Cuplock System

CUPLOCK is a fully galvanized, multi-purpose steel system scaffold for general access, shoring and supporting vertical loads.
CUPLOCK is distinguished by its unique node point, which allows up to four components to be connected in one fastening action.
CUPLOCK is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Tobler System

Tobler is one of the world’s market leaders in scaffolding solutions, they have been offering high quality products worldwide for over 20 years.
As Ireland’s premier scaffolding provider, we are proud to be able to offer the Tobler system to our clients as a proven and very successful site access system.

Temporary Roofing Systems

At McElwain Scaffolding, we provide temporary roofing solutions for a wide range of projects. Our team is experienced in using a variety of temporary roofing systems, including the Catari roofing system. Temporary roofing is an essential component of many construction projects, offering protection from the elements for workers and equipment.



We know that safety comes first when it comes to scaffolding. That’s why we adhere to the highest industry safety standards in all of our scaffolding applications.  We have achieved Safe Tcert accreditation and we are a registered member of CIF, Clri and Nasc.


Drawing from the experience of our long history of successful scaffolding projects, we pour all of that knowledge into the design and planning of your application. Ensuring the perfect solution for you.


As a result of the multiple systems we can employ on a project, this allows us to offer unparalleled versatility when it comes to your requirements. Ensuring you get the perfect solution to fit your exact needs every single time.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are always on hand to make sure that your project runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients to ensure a superior experience.


MCES Scaffolding Ltd specialises in the design and installation of scaffolding applications. At the forefront of all of our scaffolding solutions is safety, stability and adherence to strict building regulations and current safety standards.

Recent News

New Build

The purpose of new build scaffolding is to provide access for construction companies and trade workers to complete the properties in a logical and straight forward manner. For us, this means delivering external and internal scaffolding at the appropriate points in the project.


McElwain scaffolding provide a perfect access solution for your refurbishment and maintenance work such as platforms and lightweight aluminum towers, or our team can work with you to set up the best solution for your needs.


Demolition is dangerous work and scaffolding is essential to the safety of your team whilst commencing a site demolition project. Here
at McElwain we have been providing safe, secure, monitored and rigorously tested scaffolding structures for all type of commercial and domestic demolition projects throughout ireland.


Excellent design and implementation. Very easy to deal with and delivered exactly to our time frames.
Harris Malone

Site Manager, Sansun Builders