Tobler is one of the world’s market leaders in system scaffolding solutions, and has been offering high quality products worldwide for over 20 years.The Tobler brand stands for quality and efficiency, with Swiss engineering utilizing the latest technologies, including 3D modeling, stress analysis software, and state of the art manufacturing.


Safer and Faster

The Tobler facade scaffolding system is one of the few systems that can be installed with only four main parts. The result is a safer system to work to with. The scaffolding frames are available in 700 mm width.

As strong as necessary – as light as possible!

This is a fast build, lightweight scaffolding system. Utilizing steel frames with a wall thickness of 2.7 mm. The steel design allows construction heights of up to 60 m in height. The system can be built without any tools and so is quiet and fast to build. The frames are galvanized steel.

Project work

Platform decks are aluminium; lightweight and easy to fix into place. Storage and handling is easy with a few lightweight components. Ideal for façade scaffolds; projects where space is a premium and deadlines are tight.

Swiss Engineering at its best

The TOBLER modular scaffolding system was developed with the end user in mind. It is fast, flexible and the ease of use has made it ideal for construction projects with tight deadlines and for applications that are not all possible with traditional systems. McElwain Scaffolding is pleased to offer our clients the use of the Tobler system for their specific project requirements. The Tobler system can be used in conjunction with or as alternative to Cuplock system and Tube and Fitting scaffolding that we already offer.